We help manufacturers gain a deeper understanding of materials.

MiViA's AI equips quality management teams to make more informed decisions for superior business results.

Image with the four founders of MiViA all dressed in suits.

Our story


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In 2012 Dr. Grzegorz Korpala initiated his research on microstructure at TU Freiberg. Together with industry leaders he developed a first prototype for AI-based microstructural analysis.


September 2021

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1 Mio € Public Funding

MiViA received ~1 million euros in funding from EXIST.

September 2021

October 2021

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Finally, we can enable customers to perform faster and more objective analyses and improve their product quality.

October 2021

April 2022

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ᴮᴱᵀᴬ Phase 2022

In 2022 we released Grain Size Detection as a first Product and started testing it together with industry partners.

April 2022


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MiViA 1.0 Launch

After listening to feedback we introduced MiViA 1.0 to the public market in 2023 with Grain Size, Retained Austenite analysis.



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10 Employees

Our Team grew to 10 wonderful people in 2024.


Our Executive Team

Portrait der Gründerin von MiViA Miriam Corcoran.

Miriam Corcoran

CEO and Co-Founder

After her first successful company in Abu Dhabi and her MBA at the University of Freiberg, Miriam worked for EY as a consultant for digital project business for five years before co-founding MiViA together with Grzegorz in 2021.

Dr. Ing. Grzegorz Korpala

CTO and Co-Founder

After completing his double degree in microstructure characterization and subsequent doctorate, Grzegorz was responsible for research in the field of industrial process monitoring at the TU Freiberg.

This was when in 2012 he discovered the amazing applications for AI in process monitoring and an Idea formed.

Portrait des Gründers von MiViA Grzegorz Korpala.
Portrait der Gründerin von MiViA Jessica Schneider.

Jessica Schneider

CSO and Co-Founder

During her diploma thesis in the field of microstructure characterization, Jessica worked as a project manager in the Formula Student Team at the University of Freiberg and found her way directly into the MiViA team through her collaboration with Grzegorz.