MiViA Is An AI Tool For Analyzing Microstructures

From microstructure segmentation to grain size measurement - MiViA provides fast and reliable metallographic analyses.


Detect weaknesses early

The module autonomously identifies even the smallest cracks and measures both the length and depth of the cracks autonomously.

Save Time with Fast Analysis of Grain Sizes in Micrographs

MiViA analyzes the grain sizes in micrographs in seconds and presents easily digestible vector based reports.

Reliable Detection and Analysis of Twins

Easily understandable vectors are also available for grain size measurement with twins.

Optimize Heat Treatment and Material Performance

MiViA quickly and reliably analyzes the proportion of retained austenite in steel.

Improve Product Quality with Ferrite Detection

The Ferrite Module provides you with detailed information about the ferrite content and its distribution within a sample.

Nahtlose Integration in Ihren Workflow

Eine Hand adjustiert ein Kadence Mikroskop.
Optimized Workflow through Direct Connection to Your Microscope

You can find the recorded microstructures directly in the MiViA software.

Meaningful Reporting through Comprehensible PDF Reports

Create detailed reports in seconds that are easy to understand for non-experts.

Data Collection through CSV Reports

Carry out comprehensive analyses and improve your product quality in the long term.

Software Interface MiViA zeigt die Ergebnisse einer Restaustenitbestimmung.
Quick Familiarization Thanks to Simple UI

Complex, hidden functionalities and steep learning curves are not necessary.

Software Interface der Analysesoftware MiViA.
No Installation - Your Browser is All You Need

No installations or long-term internal coordination. Just get started with improving your analysis quality right away.

Coming Features

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